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Real synthetic diamonds...............really?

The last 50 years experience as a gemmologist has seen profound changes in jewellery styles and even in the gems themselves. Regrettably there is now an alarming number of confusing, even misleading terms, particularly in respect of "look-alike" diamonds. But the question is really very simple: "is it Natural, Imitation (ie.simulant) or Synthetic (ie man-made)?"

Last month, I was very excited by seeing a selection of truly beautiful, real but man-made is not a contradiction, these diamonds came from a laboratory not a diamond mine, but they are still genuine diamonds in every way.

Early efforts did not look like the diamonds we are used to seeing....................


cultured diamonds


HPFT man-made synthetic diamonds

BBC Horizon's The Diamond Makers showed these first man-made stones back in 2004, although these first diamonds looked more throat tablets than gemstones!(see above) However, the massive progress over the last 12 years has now given us conventional brilliant white diamonds plus fancy yellow and blue too! All brilliant-cut GIA certified lab-grown diamonds (LGD), they are being launched only on a "full disclosure" basis (LGD laser-engraved on the girdle) and to all intents and purposes looking exactly like the mined variety.

At PSJ in Yeovil, we have no plans at present to offer LGD diamonds for sale so this is written solely to make clear what you might be offered for sale elsewhere. Come to us if you want the truth--  I personally guarantee that every diamond in our stock is a mined natural gem.


Anthony White MSc FGA

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