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Diamonds have always been irresistible..................!

The notorious Hatton Garden Heist robbers in May 2015 stole around £200m worth of diamonds and jewellery...possibly "the largest burglary in English legal history" much of which has just "disappeared". In just two decades, the loss of over $500m diamonds and jewellery amounts to quite an impressive total, much of which has never been recovered.

In February 2013 Brussels airport was the scene of a daring theft of diamonds from a Zurich-bound plane. $50m worth of diamonds were delivered by van from Antwerp in 130 bags to be loaded from the tarmac directly into the plane. Eight armed robbers in a white van and an Audi car raced across the airfield and stopped in front of the plane Passengers were already boarded and waiting with seatbelts fixed, while the bags were being stolen. They remained blissfully unaware of what was happening outside during the 15 minutes it took to throw 130 bags into the car and race off.

In February 2008 the Dominiani showroom in Milan was raided, where $20m of jewellery were stolen.

Only a year earlier diamonds worth $28m were stolen from the ABN Anro Bank in Antwerp by a sophisticated con-man. Using a false identity he developed a high level of trust with the bank over a period of a full year. Then over a weekend he gained access to the strongroom and removed 120,000 carats of diamonds from their deposit boxes. They were never recovered.


In February 2005 at Schiphol airport $118m of rough diamonds were stolen by two armed men dressed in KLM uniforms. In a stolen KLM truck they were able to drive up unquestioned to the  security van loaded with the diamonds on the runway, forced the guards out at pistol point and rapidly drove off.  The stones had been destined to be flown to Antwerp for cutting and polishing, but never made it and have never been found.

In February 2003 gangleader Leonardo Notarbartolo was arrested and accused of breaking into a vault two floors beneath the Antwerp Diamond Center. He made off with at least $100 million worth of loose diamonds and jewellery. Despite the protection of ten layers of security they were successful and none of the loot was ever recovered.

These events might suggest that February is a risky month for diamond owners! In any case, you might do well to take a look at your jewellery valuation and insurance. It can so easily be overlooked as shown by a customer recently contacted us whose valuation was 25 years old.

Precious metal and gem prices can change quite markedly over even a few years, so if you really care about your personal jewellery, do let us advise you at PSJ  in complete confidence. Please ask any of our qualified staff at PSJ for advice (01935) 475936 and to make an appointment with our Guild of Valuers professional.

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